Vegan Menu

Please notify us when you are ordering VEGAN ! (Some items are not originally vegan and require modifications.)

Garlic and Pepper Rasam Soup    8
Fresh tomatoes and tamarind, flavoured with whole garlic,
cumin and Malabar pepper corns

Cauliflower & Potato Bonda         2pcs    10 Can be made dairy free
Cauliflower florettes mixed with spicy potato, fresh coriander and red onions dipped and fried in a light chickpea batter.

Patti Samosa                        2 pcs         10
Filo pastry triangles filled with baby green peas, onion julienne and dry red chilli.

A dosai is a South Indian speciality, a light crispy fermented rice and lentil crepe wrapped around a delicate filling of your choice from the list below. Great to share and highly recommended!​

Masala Dosai $15
Hand-mashed potatoes slowly stirred with red onion, curry leaves and crackled mustard seeds

Bangalore Dosai $16
Hand-mashed potatoes covered with a sprinkle of ‘Bangalore Podi’: pestled chilli, sesame seeds and coconut flakes

Matthanga Kootu $24
A ballet of channa dal (split chickpea) and chunks of pumpkin, this healthy combination is cooked with coconut paste, ginger, green chilli and cumin and dry red chilli.

Saag Aloo $26
Crackled cumin seeds and onions cooked with pureed spinach leaves and hand cut baby potatoes.

Vendakkai Masala $26
Tender baby okra stirred with chunky capsicum, tomato and onions. A little spicy and tangy.

Mixed Vegetable Curry $24
Seasonal cauliflower, carrots, green peas and potatoes in a taste sensation of light coconut milk and blended chilli.

Dal Makhani $20
Five kinds of lentils cooked as a dal; dark, rich and full of flavour – prepared for 24 hours, gently nudged by cloves of garlic and power packed fenugreek.

Brown Rice 5
Basmati Rice 4
Whole meal Roti 5.5
Kerala Parotta    Flaky layered bread baked on hotplate 6


All our breads are hand made and baked to order.