A La Carte Menu

Explore texture, colour and of course the ultimate tastes with our menu of the Indian experience. 

All the ingredients are fresh and carefully selected by our chefs. 
Please enjoy an extraordinary dining experience.

Garlic and Pepper Rasam Soup    8
Fresh tomatoes and tamarind, flavoured with whole garlic,
cumin and Malabar pepper corns

Cauliflower & Potato Bonda         2pcs    10 Can be made dairy free
Cauliflower florettes mixed with spicy potato, fresh coriander and red onions dipped and fried in a light chickpea batter.

Spinach Chaat              Served chilled    18
Chickpea battered baby spinach leaves drizzled in yoghurt, date & tamarind chutney

Patti Samosa                        2 pcs         10
Filo pastry triangles filled with baby green peas, onion julienne and dry red chilli.

Mellagu Prawns                 6 pcs    28
Tiger prawns tossed in crushed Malabar peppercorns, red onion, tomato relish and fennel seeds

Tandoori Grilled Salmon        18
A healthy way of having Omega 3 rich salmon fillet  marinated in mild tikka flavors, pan-fried to perfection

Mysore Chilli Chops               3 pcs   30
Baby lamb chops marinated and grilled in hot fresh chilli, ‘Carom seeds’ and sesame seeds

Kerala Fried Chicken                      18
Crispy chicken pieces dabbed in seasoned chickpea flour with hints of chilli, curry leaves and turmeric

Tandoori Chicken Tikka                           3 pcs             19
Chicken marinated overnight in ‘Tandoori masala”and yoghurt, roasted on high fire in the tandoor 

A dosai is a South Indian speciality, a light crispy fermented rice and lentil crepe wrapped around a delicate filling of your choice from the list below. Great to share and highly recommended!​

Masala Dosai $15
Hand-mashed potatoes slowly stirred with red onion, curry leaves and crackled mustard seeds

Bangalore Dosai $16
Hand-mashed potatoes covered with a sprinkle of ‘Bangalore Podi’: pestled chilli, sesame seeds and coconut flakes

Kheema Dosai $17
Homemade lamb mince with fenugreek leaves, fresh ginger and a hint of cinnamon

Chicken Dosai $17
Pulled chicken cooked with chunky tomatoes and ginger and  with a touch of black pepper 

Prawn Dosai $19
Prawns tossed with salubrious ridge gourd in a tangy and spicy tomato relish with green capsicum

Prawn Konkan $31
King prawns sautéed in thinly sliced onion, ginger, crackled mustard seeds and turmeric. Finished with kokum, green chilli and light coconut milk.

Prawn Balchao $31
Finely blended Kashmiri chilli with cumin and vinegar in a tangy Goan balchao masala tossed with king prawns and tomato.

Goan Fish Curry $30
Fiery green chilli is softened by light coconut milk and kokum.  Seasoned with dry roasted and ground chilli, turmeric and cumin seed.

Goat Mappas $35
Pieces of baby goat marinated in green chilli and turmeric. Slow cooked with fresh coconut paste and poppy seeds.

Beef Kerala $32
Seared beef cubes slow cooked with grated ginger, chilli and coriander. Finished with fresh coconut milk and sliced baby potatoes.

Beef Vindaloo $32
Diced beef cooked with garlic, bay leaves and ginger, in a hot and sour sauce based on fresh tomatoes and vinegar.

Lambshank Roganjosh $31
Fennel seeds and sliced onion browned in sizzled cardamon. Slowly cooked in yoghurt and chunky tomato with Ratanjot and ginger

Lamb Khurumah $31
Braised lean diced leg of lamb in a light creamy sauce from ground cashews, slowly cooked with a hint of green chilli flavours, bay leaves and a touch of mint.

Lamb Varutha $31
Lean diced leg of lamb braised with homegrown curry leaves and coarse peppercorns. Seasoned with fennel and star anise. Tender little cubes of pepper goodness

Chicken Makhani $30
Marinated chicken slowly cooked in a silky creamy tomato based sauce, sweetened with honey and flavoured with fenugreek leaves.

Chicken Chettinad $30
Crushed peppercorns and a smooth masala based on poppy seeds, star anise and fennel sautéed in onions with a hint of curry leaves. Cooked in its juices without a trace of oil or dairy, its peppery spicy and light.

Railway Chicken $30
Marinated chicken cooked with ginger, turmeric and dry red chilli. Finished in medium spiced coconut milk with coriander powder.

Matthanga Kootu $24
A ballet of channa dal (split chickpea) and chunks of pumpkin, this healthy combination is cooked with coconut paste, ginger, green chilli and cumin and dry red chilli.

Palak Paneer $26
Crackled cumin seeds and onions cooked with pureed spinach leaves and chunky silky home made farmers cheese.

Baby Eggplant & Potato $24
Baby eggplant is gently stirred with a generous pinch of panch phoran, natural yoghurt, chunky onions and chat potatoes, finished semi dry

Vendakkai Masala $26
Tender baby okra stirred with chunky capsicum, tomato and onions. A little spicy and tangy.

Mixed Vegetable Curry $24
Seasonal cauliflower, carrots, green peas and potatoes in a taste sensation of light coconut milk and blended chilli.

Dal Makhani $20
Five kinds of lentils cooked as a dal; dark, rich and full of flavour – prepared for 24 hours, gently nudged by cloves of garlic and power packed fenugreek.

Brown Rice 5
Basmati Rice 4

All our breads are hand made and baked to order.
Garlic & Coriander Naan 5.5
Whole meal Roti 5.5

Kerala Parotta    Flaky layered bread baked on hotplate 6
Peshwari Naan Sultanas, coconut and cashew nuts 7

Cheese Naan   6
Garlic Cheese Naan  6.5

Kulfi is a traditional Indian frozen dessert, similar to ice cream
but denser and creamier flavoured with nuts, fruits and spices

Mango Kulfi  10
Pistachio Kulfi  10 

Gajar Halwa 10
Caramelised carrots infused with creamy khoya, and delicately spiced with fragrant cardamom, crowned with a crunchy array of nuts for a delightful balance of flavors and textures. 

Gulab Jamun 10
Two golden sticky sweet milk dumplings wrapped around a pistachio soaked in rose and cardamom infused sugar syrup 

Rasmalai 10
two handmade soft cheese dumplings soaked in saffron milk 

Dessert Platter 16 
mango kulfi + gajar halwa + rasmalai