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Deepawali 2020

What? Four Weeks of Deepawali?

(Deepawali, Diwali… Same word for the same celebration.)

Deepawali is about celebrating joy and given the current situation in the world, we may need a little gentle reminder that good things still happens; people fall in love, food tastes amazing when its shared with passion and love and the light of hope shines in our hearts for a better future.

Coincidentally, this is precisely why we celebrate Deeepawali in India.

It’s about the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Like a favourite Indian saying, joy always finds its way…



This year, Instead of just celebrating for the customary week, each week of November we will be showcasing lavish feasting Diwali Specials from the different South Indian states. 

Eat. Share. Enjoy. That’s what this celebration is all about.