About Chef Mohammed Sali

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESBorn and raised on South India’s Spice Trail from Tamil Nadu to Kerala, Chef Mohammed’s expertise in Indian cuisine stems from a uncompromising passion for taste and love of quality ingredients. Extensive work experience in India and Middle East has earned him an international reputation for his unparalleled culinary skills and dedication to honest hard work.

Graduating from the Institute of Hotel and Management School in Chennai, he started his career with the prestigious Taj Hotel chain, working under the acclaimed Chef Baruva. He was also part of the opening team for several hotels and resorts, accomplishments which took him to Dubai. Working in the United Arab Emirates, his unique ability to utilise typical local ingredients and flavours to produce new and sensational dishes, added to the industry reputation for his excellence and creativity.

Based in Australia since 1997, Chef Mohammed has become one of Sydney’s longest standing restauranteurs. Using his culinary skills, coupled with a unique understanding of the local Australian produce, he is changing the perception of Indian cuisine. Creating healthy food, which improves, sometimes cures, and strengthens the body, relaying on thousands of years of Indian wisdom and over 25 years of experience, Chef Mohammed still constantly researches and uses new ingredients and techniques to produce the best food possible. Using this as a foundation, his goal is always to serve food that satisfies and respects the nature of the eye, mind and body.

He has developed fine-tuned skills and knowledge in the intricate and complex nature of Indian cuisine, known to only a few. His expertise in modern Indian cuisine and hospitality is recognised locally and internationally, often consulting for culinary projects both in India and Australia. His charismatic nature and ability to relate knowledge to his audience on a personal level has also made him a popular speaker on South Indian cuisine and in particular its health benefits.

You are welcome to contact Chef Mohammed directly on 0413 123 426 or email : mohammed@malabarcuisine.com.au